Campaign Against the Austerity Treaty

Vote No to the Fiscal Compact Treaty, Referendum in Ireland, May 31 2012

In or out of the eurozone, we must ditch this failed model – Séumas Milne, the Guardian (Britain)

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Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greek Radical Left Coalition Syriza

Séumas Milne points out :

EU elites are trying to scare Greeks and Irish into swallowing austerity, but it’s they who brought the economy to its knees

Continuing, the Guardian columnist explains further :

Democracy has never been the European Union’s strongest suit. It’s an institution where the unelected and the barely accountable have always called the shots – and electorates are routinely made to vote again if they get the answer wrong in a referendum. So perhaps it’s no surprise that as soon as it became clear the Greeks would be given another say on the austerity programme that has already driven their country into 1930s-style depression, the threats and bullying began in earnest.

The entire European establishment has now lined up to scare Greeks off giving another majority to anti-austerity parties, as they did in explosive elections earlier this month. Europe’s revolt against austerity has to be contained. Democratic niceties about not interfering in other countries’ elections have been ditched. If Greeks vote for parties such as the radical left Syriza – now leading in most opinion polls – they will be voting to leave the euro, Europe’s political elite has warned.

Read the full article here :

Dublin Public Meeting :

Despin Charalampidou was elected to the Greek Parliament in the recent elections. She is a member of the Central Political Commitee of SYRIZA and has been an active trade unionist for many years.

Despin will speak at a public meeting in Wynn’s Hotel at 8.00pm on Thursday, May 24.

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