Campaign Against the Austerity Treaty

Vote No to the Fiscal Compact Treaty, Referendum in Ireland, May 31 2012

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The Irish Times caught spinning for the Austerity Treaty Yes Side – or the Ups and Downs of Irish Government Propaganda!

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Funny how Stephen Collins et al were writing about how the summit meeting the EU leaders had cooked up, so to speak, would lead to sweetness and light… This is what they said yesterday:

THE GOVERNMENT is confident that the focus on growth at today’s EU summit in Brussels will boost the prospects of a Yes vote in the referendum on the fiscal treaty on May 31st.

Following the election of François Hollande as French president there were fears he might seek to have the existing treaty provisions reopened with damaging consequences for the Government’s referendum campaign.

However, Irish officials are confident Mr Hollande’s strategy now is to get agreement on a growth package to go hand-in-hand with the treaty provisions. “The need for an emphasis on growth at EU level is something the Taoiseach has been advocating since he took office and today’s summit could be a decisive step…

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May 24, 2012 at 10:20 am

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